Our Story

We built RemindMeCare to enable carers to better engage with their clients and to have a better experience during 1:1 and group sessions.

Over the years, we’ve been repeatedly told that our Activity Based software, by its very ability to engender deeper engagement and enhanced person centred care, was also functioning as a training system. And furthermore, courtesy of the responsiveness of those with dementia to the found content that is truly bespoke, that we had also built a tool that was promoting learning in the person being cared for.

So it has not been a surprise to us that RemindMeCare has attracted the interest of those outside of the field of dementia and elderly care. For, the system puts the person at the centre of the activities, engages them with bespoke tablet based content discovered through activities and, if they have capacity, offers them the means to manage content directly themselves.

And critically, with the highly personal nature of the content, learning occurs in the background during activities. This process of personal opt-in through activities enables a carer to open the door to other learning methods.

So whilst it was not a surprise, however it has been extremely rewarding to have been approached by experts in these fields that have offered to support us broaden the availability of ReMe.



Next Steps

We could talk more about our beliefs of the potential for RemindMeCare (aka ReMe) and our experiences using it experimentally with those with Learning Disabilities, cerebral palsy and other cognitivily impairing conditions, but we would not at this stage of the development of RemindMeCare outside of the elderly care sector, feel qualified to make any claims.

However, whilst we have a lot to learn and work to do, however ReMeis ready for use and furthermore, we can say that we’re currently working with leading academia, consultants, local authorities and housing associations to configure ReMe’s unique ability to deliver person centred care in a manner so as to be a fit for their respective needs.

So, if you also would like to trial, use or assist us as we progress towards the systems optimisation for these new sectors, then please do contact us. We would relish your participation.