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Overview video

This video provides an Overview of what ReMe does and who it does it for, from Care in the Community through to end of life.
Its useful for explaining to clients how ReMe fits into the care process.
And it defines ReMe’s unique selling points such as its portability across care sectors, that’s owned by the individual and so overcomes data transfer issues and has services and solutions for the individual and for businesses.
This video can be distributed as you see fit
You can download a copy of the video here

Functionality Video

This video can be used in the demonstration process.
Conventionally we run a remote demo by using skype to show the prospective client around ReMe in a live setting. This enables you to talk and answer questions whilst showing the pages of ReMe.
However, when first learning ReMe or if it is easier to simply do so, then this video can be shown to the client so that they can take a video based guided tour around the system.
We do not want this video to be on general release or given to the client, as we are protective about ReMe’s functionality being visible to any persons other than clients for competitive reasons, so please do not give this video to anyone, simply play it to them through your own media, unless you really have no option, in which event simply be selective as to who you provide access to.


The videos below can be useful in the sales process and you can direct the prospective client to view them as you see fit. They’re available on each page of the care sectors on the website.



Why RemindMeCare?
Why RemindMeCare?
What the Carers say
What the Carers say
ReMe Guest Panel
ReMe Guest Panel


Case Study

Extract CQC Report: ‘The home had recently introduced an electronic reminiscence tool (RemindMeCare) that enables them to build a profile of the person and continually helps staff to learn and understand the person’s life history. The information is accessed using a media tablet and includes pictures, music and personal memories and messages from families that can be loaded onto the system remotely. The lifestyle coordinator spent time explaining to us how they use this system to engage with people and promote conversation with them about their past.
We saw one person using the system. They were viewing and talking about pictures their family had up loaded. The person appeared happy and was engaged in meaningful conversation with the lifestyle coordinator. Comments for example were, “Oh I remember that house. I lived there in 1957 and “That’s our first car. We had so much fun in that”. People were also able to listen and enjoy music from their past.
The lifestyle coordinator told us, “This is still a fairly new innovation but it is fantastic to be able to fully engage with families in this way. It has made such a difference to the people living here in such a short space of time. It is particularly good in helping us engage with people living with dementia.”

Samir Patel, Oaklands Care Home.    Click here  and here to access full report (see p.15)



Q&A for Associates

We’ll regularly update this area with answers to the questions that we receive. Please keep them coming. And of course please do introduce us to any new possible associates that you may encounter.


Make sure that you read the FAQ’s here

That’s completely up to you. We have built ReMe to be what we call ReMe365. In other words a client can find ReMe via a google search (we are listed first on a search for Dementia software), view the demo video, start a 1 month trial and then purchase, all without contacting us. And we believe that the onboarding process, that we call ‘Getting Started’, with its Getting started online manuals, that provides one for the Responsible Manager, one for carers and another for families, plus the embedded videos of the pages of ReMe itself, meant that the complete purchase cycle is, well just like buying a copy of Office365.

So therefore you can copy this process as much as you wish. You can put them onto the above defined conveyor belt.

You can either using skype, share your screen and run through the pages of ReMe with them, or you can again with skype, just run the ReMe overview video from this page and as presented above.

This makes is easier to demo ReMe at the beginning of your learning process. Later on you will probably want to adopt your own style.

We would prefer that you do not leave a link/copy of this video with them as we are protective of the full knowledge of ReMe being generally available to those other than protective clients.

Having said the above its often better to visit the client since getting to know them is always valuable, and indeed fun

Our YouTube channel provides
further introduction videos.

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